sunshine brunch // bishop's 1st birthday

After a bit of a rough start, our little guy turned into Mr. Sunshine... so a sunshine brunch seemed like a perfect way to celebrate his 1st birthday. I wanted to do something a little different than the usual "you are my sunshine" theme and styled the party after vintage 70s art prints. I played around with adding turquoise, but ultimately decided to stick with orange, yellow and gray.

We served up some of our favorite breakfast foods: chick-fil-a chicken biscuits, fruit & yogurt parfaits, muffins, fruit & a brussel sprout salad. And of course, lots of coffee (hot and iced!) For the desserts, I enlisted my sister from Dutch Girl Cookies who, as usual, knocked it out of the park! We did lemon cream cheese cupcakes, maple bacon cupcakes, rice krispies treats with reese's pieces, "breakfast" sugar cookies (in the shapes of fried eggs, bacon, coffee mugs & toast) and a sunshine cake for the birthday boy!

I even got crafty and painted a wood pallet with our sunshine graphic. Total pinterest moment! It was a wonderful (and very hot & sunny!) day celebrating our little man!

Bishop's perfect shirt by Crew & Co: available here

Desserts by Dutch Girl Cookies

Sunglasses (party favors) from Amazon: available here